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What is Moling?

In the construction industry, moling is a trenchless method used to lay pipes. During the moling process, a pneumatically-driven machine known as a mole forces its way through the soil along the desired path of the pipe.

Why Moling?

At Whites we have been installing high pressure water systems for years including combi boilers and high pressure cylinders like Megaflo or Greenstore
increasingly we have found the original lead pipes are not up to the job. They do not produce enough flow and or pressure.
Up until we came across this system the only way to replace the cold water mains was to dig up the drive way and re-lay it . This can be costly!!mdpe-lead
With the moling equipment we use we are able to ‘mole’ through the soil under the driveway to a desired location.
We do have to dig a small launching pit for the machine but in some instances we have burrowed all the way to a second pit we have dug in the under stairs cupboard. The second pit does not have to be as large as the first.

The application can be used for many other instances:

  • Running new services under a prized lawn to a new summer house or cabin
  • Replacing leaking mains pipes
  • Running new electric or gas feeds
  • Running larger bore pipes to increase flow and pressure

Moling Costs

Costs are significantly reduced compared to the traditional digging a trench and then back filling it method.

Each job is different, with different soil types , length of runs , number of pits needed etc. We are able to offer a free written estimate ,

Price guide

On average you are looking between £80-£100 per meter plus vat

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