New Boiler On Finance

boiler service engineer showing client how to use eco boiler in epsom surrey

Through Whites Plumbing & Heating  it is possible to pay for your new Worcester boiler in installments


We are currently offering 3 products to help ease the cost of a new boiler:

1. 0% APR = interest free

Spread the cost of a new or replacement boiler over 24 monthly payments at no cost to you.  its as simple as that!

 Please note due to clarity, respect and feed back from customers we have suspended the 0% and adjusted our prices accordingly. The other finance options are still available.

2. up to 10 years at 9.9% APR

Bring the monthly cost down by spreading it over a period up to 10 years. for example this will bring a £2000 boiler installation spread over 10 years down to £25.86 per month.

At the theme of publication this 9.9% APR rate is lower than British Gas, Help Link and the the other big companies who can charge as much as 29.9% APR


3. Buy Now Pay Later

Defer payment for up to 12 months. If debt is paid within the deferral 12 months no interest added. After the 12 months pay monthly over 7 years at 17.9% APR
Example: boiler install £3000. no payment for 1 year and then £63.42 per month for 84 months.

Install now – start paying 2018 !!

All of these options can include a new or replacement boiler plus radiators plus any other work completed at the same time. Or a completely new full central heating system all on interest free or pay monthly finance !!

All finance is subject to acceptance and subject to T & C’s .Finance is arranged by us and offered by Hitachi Capital