What are you doing for Energy Saving Week?

What is energy saving week?

Big Energy Saving Week; a national campaign to help people cut their fuel bills and get all the financial support they are entitled to, starts on 26 October 2015.

The week focuses on raising public awareness of the switching energy supplier/tariff to get the best deal and efficiency issues. This is the fifth Big Energy Saving Week and is a partnership between Citizens Advice, the Energy Saving Trust and the Department of Energy and Climate Change with the support of numerous organisations, charities and companies.

When is energy saving week?

Big Energy Saving week runs from the 26th to the 30th October 2015.

What can I do to save energy?

Saving energy does not mean doing without – you can waste less by being more efficient.

The following steps can help reduce the amount of energy used & therefore reduce your energy bills.

  1. If you have a timer on your central heating system, set the heating and hot water to come on only when required: 30 minutes before you get up in the morning and set it to switch off 30 minutes before you are due to leave.
  2. If you have a hot water tank, set the cylinder thermostat to either 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Cylinder thermostats are usually fitted between a quarter and a third of the way up the hot water cylinder.
  3. Close your curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping through the windows and check for draughts around windows and doors.
  4. Always turn off the light when you leave a room.
  5. Don’t leave appliances on standby and remember not to leave laptops and mobile phones on charge unnecessarily.
  6. When you are doing the washing try to fill up the machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher. One full load uses less energy than two half loads.
  7. Try and ensure that you only boil as much water as you need.
  8. A dripping hot water tap can waste enough energy in a single week to fill half a bath. Fix leaking taps and make sure they are fully turned off.
  9. Dry your clothes outside during nice weather so you don’t need to use your tumble drier.
  10. Do a home energy check to find out about savings of up to £130 a year on household energy bills. Visit the Energy Savings Trust home energy check at http://hec.est.org.uk. Use this check to get a full report with details of your home’s energy use and the savings you could make.

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