The AA launches The Big Boiler Handbook – All about central heating

The AA launches The Big Boiler Handbook – All about central heating

The AA has launched The Big Boiler Handbook, a free guide to help householders understand their heating systems.

As winter rolls around and people begin to kick-start their boilers, many will find their homes cold and their showers even colder as the central heating fails.

With freezing conditions in some parts of the country and Christmas just around the corner, it can be an upsetting time for many people. Keeping your customer happy and trying to reassure them it won’t happen again the following year isn’t easy, especially if they’ve got an old boiler or are confused by their system.

A large amount of time can be spent explaining things to customers, and providing information to help them understand their heating/boiler – which is where visual aids and things like diagrams and step-by step instructions can help leave people feeling more confident once you’re gone.

The AA have just launched the Big Boiler handbook, a new guide that helps with the above; teaching readers the basics about their boiler and central heating systems. Using detailed pictures and bullet point tips, the eBook’s content goes into detail about a number of central heating subjects.

Heating system hardware such as common boiler types, boiler controls, thermostats, and pilot lights are explained in easy to digest points. There are lots of tips and tricks aimed at improving heating efficiency in the home with methods like zone control and pipe insulation. The eBook also contains some basic maintenance advice including a step by step guide to bleeding a radiator and checking for optimal boiler pressure.

Search for a copy on line , its free to download

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